Few Common Dental Issues and Corrective Treatments

Few Common Dental Issues and Corrective Treatments


One of the most common dental issues faced by most of us is Bleeding gums. It is the first sign of a dental issue. Bleeding gums may not appear to be so worrisome, however, it should not be avoided. Bleeding gums are an indicator of inflammation in the gums, which is caused due to an increase in plaque as well as deposits around the teeth.  This is one of the most common issues and the most neglected issue as it does not come with pain.

An easy and simple remedy is available for this issue. You can make use of mouth rinses which helps in reducing the germs before you go to bed. Brushing two times a day keeps the deposits away. But bleeding gums can also be an indicator of inflammation which can be sorted by way of cleaning and polishing the teeth at the dental clinic at Gurgaon and South Delhi.


Many people face the issue of bad breath, which can be quite embarrassing. In order to prevent this, people keep brushing often, but in vain. Persistent bad breath has to diagnosed correctly by the dentist in South Delhi. Bad breath can take place due to various dental problems such as a bad cavity to even ill-fitting dentures. Not having proper oral hygiene is the main cause for bad breath. Bad breath is also an indicator of many other systemic dysfunctions.


The moment you feel you cannot enjoy ice creams or any cold item easily, you must have your teeth checked with the dentist. Normal healthy teeth will never be sensitive. The reasons for sensitivity in teeth can differ from a small cavity to a condition of gum recession. One can get a filling if there is a specific area or a tooth that is sensitive.


Mal-aligned teeth can give a strong blow to your confidence. You might have a pleasing smile; however, a bad set of teeth can ruin it and even make brushing a challenge. You can get perfectly aligned teeth by getting orthodontic treatment. These days, getting your teeth aligned is not limited to teenagers alone. Adult orthodontic treatment is quite a popular thing these days and you can now get straight teeth any age. You can find out regarding invisible braces at our dental centers in Delhi and Gurgaon in case you do not want to go for the conventional braces.


The main problem about dental health is postponing the checkup. Once there is a cavity, it keeps eating into and demineralizes the enamel as well as dentin. A deep cavity can be spotted when the sensitivity is bad and you have a continuous toothache. These cavities require root canal treatments in order to get rid of the pain.

Irrespective of whether you face a dental issue or not, remember to keep the oral hygiene a regular affair. Brushing twice a day, using a mouth rinse, etc., will help keep the deposits and plaque away which are some of the main reasons for any dental issue. Also, make sure you go for a regular dental checkup and never postpone the checkup!