September 6, 2019


Dental Implants at the Best Dental Clinic Gurgaon

Dental Implants

With work taking over most of our time, it is tough to allot our time to all our activities, especially those related to our teeth and oral care. Ministry of Smile is one the best dental clinic in Gurgaon which ensures that all your dental worries are taken care of with our 1-day smile makeover treatment.

Painless root canal services at Gurgaon

Root Canal Treatment

When the pulp of the tooth gets infected, it can cause several types of infection. To treat this, root canal treatment is performed. The treatment is started by removing the infected pulp and then cleaning and disinfecting the canals of tooth followed by sealing of the apex of teeth.

invisible braces with perfection at Ministry of Smile

Orthodontics/ Braces

When your teeth are not aligned perfectly, then you become a bit embarrassed about your smile. It also has an effect on your self-confidence. We at Ministry of Smile believe that everyone can get a beautiful and confident smile through advanced orthodontic treatments provided at our multi speciality centre.

Crown and Bridges

Are you feeling and looking old due to a missing tooth? Do you hesitate to speak or smile due to the same reason? Then you can get that tooth reconstructed using a crown and bridges. You will require a crown if your existing tooth has been damaged or fractured. While if more than one tooth is missing, then you will require bridges.

Teeth In a Day

Major advances in dental implant technology means we can provide fully fixed teeth in a day with just a single visit for almost anyone. Even if you have been previously told you do not have enough bone to support dental implants, we at Ministry of Smile, Gurgaon offer the ultimate in modern technology.

Instant Teeth Whitening

You might be feeling concerned about the yellowish appearance of your teeth. A smile can also not look perfect unless your teeth are white and shiny. Even after regular brushing of teeth, your teeth can turn yellow. This is normal. You can get back the color of your teeth with instant teeth whitening at the Ministry of Smile.

Smile Makeover

Many of us may not be confident about our smile. This can be because the gums and teeth may not be in good condition. Do you want a perfect and a shining smile like celebrities? Then a smile makeover can deliver what you are looking for. At our dental clinic, you can get your smile enhanced at an affordable price.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The tooth that develops at the end of your jaw is a wisdom tooth. But there may or may not be enough space in your mouth for those teeth. Wisdom teeth are considered vestigial and are not used for chewing food. If the wisdom tooth is growing at an angle, it can be painful. You may not be able to chew your food properly as it causes frequent pain and swelling in that area.

Paediatric Dentistry

When it comes to treating children, Ministry of Smile is considered as one of the top most places to find the most capable and highly skilled kids dentist in Gurgaon. We do understand that children are frightened by the thought of going to a dentist and getting the treatment done. We at Ministry of Smile follow the Tell Show Do Concept for treating children.

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