August 4, 2020

Smile Makeover

Many of us may not be confident about our smile. This can be because the gums and teeth may not be in good condition. Do you want a perfect and a shining smile like celebrities? Then a smile makeover can deliver what you are looking for. At our dental clinic, you can get your smile enhanced at an affordable price.

Smile Makeover

What is the procedure followed?

When you visit our clinic, your teeth and gums will be examined by the specialist doctors for smile designing. After knowing that your teeth are eligible for a smile makeover, several photographs and videos are created to design different types of smiles that may suit you. We will use these photographs to present different smile makeover options in front of you. The procedure will be started after you select the kind of smile you want from the served options. Dr. Manoti Sehgal who is a highly qualified Aesthetic dentist  in Gurgaon with an intensive amount of experience in this particular field at Ministry of Smile ensure that you get the perfect Smile at the best price.

Smile Makeover

Our Different Approaches:


This is the best option if you want to improve the front part of your teeth. The material of which they are made up of allows us to alter the size and shape based on your teeth. This can also be used if you have uneven teeth. Gaps between your teeth can also be treated using the Laminates or Veneers.        

Ceramic Crowns:

Their appearance does resemble the natural-looking tooth. Ceramic crowns can be used to cover your natural teeth. This is also an option when you have weak teeth structure. Ceramic crowns are prepared such that it properly fits the teeth in your mouth.

Teeth Whitening:

No smile is good in appearance with the yellowish color of the teeth. You can get a shiny color with teeth whitening. You will leave everyone impressed with your white teeth. This procedure can be completed within an hour. Also, this treatment is affordable and is opted by a lot of people. Special Organic Teeth whitening options are also available with us. 

Laser Gum depigmentation:

Apart from the teeth, the color of your gums also matters. The ideal color of gums is pink. But due to melanin pigmentations, smoking  and other such reasons, the color of your gums gets darker. To get rid of all such pigmentations, this procedure is the preferred treatment of choice.

Smile Makeover

Gum Recontouring:

This cosmetic treatment is done to enhance the appearance of your smile. When there are extra gums around your teeth, they do degrade your smile. You can get a recontouring done  around the  gums with this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions: ( FAQs)

Yes! Most of the celebrities have undergone this treatment to beautify their smile and oral appearance.
This is a myth. If you get it done at our dental clinic, care will be taken that there is no compromise with your oral health.
This treatment is affordable as well as worthy. We will make your smile look beautiful at an affordable cost.
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