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Tooth Overcrowding & Treatment in Gurgaon

Tooth Overcrowding & Treatment in Gurgaon

Crowded teeth can cause several health problems. People not born with perfectly straight teeth have many treatment options to correct these alignment issues.

Patients with crowded teeth, also known as malocclusion, suffer from misalignment, which can occur as an overbite, under bite, or overlapping of teeth. Crowding of teeth can be mild, such as when an anterior (front) tooth is rotated slightly.  Moderate cases occur when two or three anterior teeth overlap. The most severe types of crowding happen when most of the teeth in the top or bottom row overlay one another.

The Risks of Having Crowded Teeth

Malocclusion usually poses more than just aesthetic challenges. Crowded teeth can alter a person’s facial profile. They can also make biting or chewing food and closed-mouth breathing difficult. Some people with misaligned teeth develop speech problems like a lisp, or they can accidentally bite their lips, tongue, or cheek.

Crowding of teeth can hamper the oral hygiene and dental health. Mal aligned teeth are harder to brush and floss. People with moderate to severe cases tend to develop more cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems. When oral health diminishes over time, other conditions like heart disease and immunity deficiencies can develop.

How to Fix Crowded Teeth

Most people not blessed with a perfect bite have options for treating mild, moderate, or severe teeth crowding. A dentist can suggest the best course of action, given the patient’s health history and severity of their malocclusion.



Braces are the most common treatment for crowded teeth in children, but adults also opt for them. Braces which are typically affordable, involve gold or silver brackets glued to the teeth to correct mild and severe crowding, jaw problems, and other issues. The dentist also attaches small rubber bands that link between the brackets. Patients can also choose ceramic braces consisting of enamel-colored brackets instead of metal.



Clear aligners like Invisalign are invisible orthodontics or clear braces that function like retainers. Instead of having brackets glued to the teeth, patients wear removable clear braces that they should wear at least 22 hours per day. In-office treatments like Invisalign are slightly expensive than traditional braces but require regular maintenance.

A common concern with patients is  knowing how long aligners like Invisalign take for crowded teeth. Most patients need 24 sets of trays, each including one for the top and bottom teeth, and they need to wear each set for two or three weeks before progressing to the next set. The entire treatment lasts 48-72 weeks.



For patients with moderate teeth crowding, a dentist might recommend dental veneers, thin, tooth-colored shells customized to fit over the top of original teeth. Before attaching the veneers, the dentist has to remove some of the original enamel. Although veneers require fewer dental appointments, they are typically more expensive than traditional and clear braces.

For some patients that have a lot of fillings or decay in their crooked teeth, a dental crown is more appropriate than a veneer to straighten teeth. If one or more teeth are missing in a crowded mouth, dental implants or bridges may also be used to replace missing teeth in the process of straightening a smile.

Regardless of the treatment you choose, fixing crowded teeth safely and effectively requires in-office dental care. Over-the-counter or at-home treatments that promise results are generally ineffective and could cause additional dental problems. Individuals concerned about their crowded teeth should consult a dentist to understand the severity of their condition and learn about the best treatment options.

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