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Zirconia Tooth Cap Cost in Gurgaon

Zirconia Tooth Cap Cost in Gurgaon

There are broadly two types of Zirconia used for dental crowns –  Monolith Zirconia and Layered Zirconia.

Monolith Zirconia crown is of higher strength and more opaque and is ideally suited for back teeth as they can withstand heavy chewing forces easily.

Monolith Zirconia crown

Layered Zirconia crown is more aesthetic as compared to solid Zirconia. They are best suited for front teeth.

layered Zirconia crown


The choice of crown mainly depends on the tooth i.e., front tooth or back tooth, number of teeth to be replaced in case of bridge, the warranty period and definitely the spending amount by the patient. As your dentist, we at Ministry of smile will suggest the best type of crown for you based on the above parameters. It is recommended that your dentist makes the choice and give you some options based on spend preference.

The cost of a single Zirconia crown ranges between INR 9000 up to INR 25000. All Zirconia crowns come with a warranty ranging from 5 years to lifetime depending on the type.