August 4, 2020

Paediatric Dentistry/ Kids Dentistry

When it comes to treating children, Ministry of Smile is considered as one of the top most places to find the most capable and highly skilled kids dentist in Gurgaon. We do understand that children are frightened by the thought of going to a dentist and getting the treatment done. We at Ministry of Smile follow the Tell Show Do Concept for treating children. Thus, their comfort is taken care by top Child Dentist in Gurgaon.

Their treatment and checkup are done in a friendly environment. They will readily come with you to our clinic for the next dental checkup session.        

Paediatric Dentistry Kids Dentistry

Why is it important for children to keep good dental health?

As all the bones including teeth are in the process of growing, they require regular checkup sessions to ensure good oral health. Parents need to understand the importance of monitoring their milk teeth and the development of permanent ones. Since children are fond of eating a lot of sweet food, cavities in their teeth are also a common problem. This can be painful and problematic at a later age if treatment is not done on time. With the help of the latest technologies and instruments, a checkup can be quickly done.

What can you expect during your child’s first visit to our dental clinic?

You should not delay the routine teeth checkup of your child. The first oral health checkup must be done before their first birthday. The specialized doctor will calmly check their teeth as well as gums. If you want to know the progress and growth of their facial bones and teeth, then an x-ray can be taken. In case there is any decay it will be seen in that x-ray by Paediatric specialist at our Dental clinic in Gurgaon.

Since taking care of the oral health of the children is not easy, applying topical fluoride will save their gums and teeth from decaying. Also, if you do not know the steps and procedures to clean your child’s teeth, we will demonstrate the same for you.

Paediatric Dentistry Kids Dentistry

What is the importance of milk teeth?

They are also called primary teeth as they fall after a certain age. Having strong and healthy milk teeth are quite essential. These teeth will assist the children to bite and chew their food. If they are experiencing a sensation of pain while eating, they will eat less food which is not good for their health. After their milk teeth have grown, they learn to speak with the correct pronunciation. Primary teeth will also help children look good and smile with healthy and white teeth.

Therefore, to ensure none of the above is missed by your children, you must bring them for a  friendly checkup at one of the best clinic in gurgaon. Book an appointment today for a routine checkup.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs):

It is suggested to first take your children between the age of 6 months to 1 year.
No! He will have a great experience at our clinic. The doctors are quite kind to the children and the environment of our clinic is also friendly for them.
Yes, it is important that you get the routine checkup done. Since they are not able to speak yet, they will not be able to express their tooth pain, if any. We also check the growth of their milk teeth and gums.
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