September 6, 2019

Get Your Dental Implants In Gurgaon

Dental Implants in Gurgaon 

With work taking over most of our time, it is tough to allot our time to all our activities, especially those related to our teeth and oral care. Ministry of Smile is one the best dental implants clinic in Gurgaon which ensures that all your dental implants in Gurgaon worries are taken care of with our 1-day smile makeover treatment.

The implant treatment at Ministry of Smile is done using the best of the latest technology pushing away all the discomforts that were faced previously. A single sitting will get you a painless dental implant. The team at Ministry of Smile has fine-tuned this technique to make sure that implants can be used to rehabilitate the entire jaw can be done within just a day / teeth in a day. We, at Ministry of Smile, offer you the best quality dental that has been designed and customized for every single patient. Ministry of Smile is one of the few dental clinics in Gurgaon that offer dental implants in a single sitting.

Different Types of Dental Implants

Implants can be done for different situations like a missing tooth or totally absent teeth. The various options are listed below:


Get Your Dental Implants In Gurgaon

Tooth cavity or accident could lead to the loss of a single tooth, either the back or front tooth. In such cases, the tooth can be easily replaced in one sitting with a dental implant and a crown. The new tooth will look and perform like the other natural teeth.


Get Your Dental Implants In Gurgaon

If the patient is missing more than a tooth, however, he/she has healthy teeth and gums, they can opt for multiple implants in areas where the tooth has to be replaced.


Tooth loss often results in the loss of bone volume in the vertical and horizontal directions. To minimize this alveolar bone loss and maintain the architecture, placement of implants immediately after tooth extraction has been advocated. In order to replace failing teeth, especially in the front region, immediate implant placement and temporary tooth placement are indicated.


The Procedure for a Dental Implant

Dr. Prateek, an experienced Implantologist from the ( name   ) states that when it is the case of missing teeth, the best solution is a dental implant. This process involves the use of a titanium implant, that is fused with the bone. Post this, on the same day, a crown is placed on the implant and this makes your teeth feel and look natural. We understand that every patient requires the best dental care in Gurgaon which is the main reason for our single-sitting dental implant.  ‍

Dr.Prateek and his team of highly-skilled and experienced Implantologists in the Ministry of Smile ensure that you get the perfect dental implant at the best price.

Cost of Dental Implants in Gurgaon

The cost of dental implants in Gurgaon, India is much more less as compared to the implants price in the countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Also the quality of implants treatment available is the same or even better sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions: ( FAQs)

Dental Implants

Negative effects of an implant could be infection at the area of implant, injury/damage to the surrounding  teeth or blood vessels, damage of nerves which could lead to pain, sensitivity, numbness in the natural teeth, gums, lips or chin or even sinus problems which could occur when the implants that are placed in the upper jaw protrude into the sinus cavities
Yes. Dental implants can support either permanent prosthetic teeth or even the removable denture. You can also modify your existing denture to fit on the dental implants if you wish to.ample Description
Many other teeth replacement options are available which might seem to be cheaper, but over a period of time, you would be required to keep paying for its maintenance and other needs, which might turn out to be expensive in contrast to a dental implant.
The crown which is fixed to the abutment of a dental implant could be covered under a few dental plans. There are a few medical insurance plans which are beginning to cover certain aspects of dental implants, particularly in case there are any medical complications due to tooth loss.

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