July 29, 2020

Teeth In a Day


Best Implant Specialist / implantologist in Gurgaon

Major advances in dental implant technology means we can provide fully fixed teeth in a day with just a single visit for almost anyone. Even if you have been previously told you do not have enough bone to support dental implants, we at Ministry of Smile, Gurgaon offer the ultimate in modern technology.

What is the procedure of teeth in a day?

As soon as you reach our clinic, the specialist doctor for this procedure will evaluate your oral structure after this a scan will be done. This will help us to discuss the implant placement position. Teeth in a day uses specialised implants which are designed to be used immediately. Typically 4 are used/jaw (All- on- 4) and they are angled at special directions to avoid damage to nerves and sinuses. Because of the angulation used the implants create a very secure anchor for fixed teeth and they are all joined together so forces are spread out evenly.

The teeth are then made in the in-house (Usually from acrylic) and these are then screwed into the implants later that day. Typically another set of teeth is constructed 5 months later once final healing has occurred but with teeth in a day you leave the same day with fixed teeth in place.    Dr. Prateek Gupta who is a highly qualified implant specialist in Gurgaon with an intensive amount of experience in this particular field and his team of highly-skilled and experienced Implantologists in the Ministry of Smile ensure that you get the perfect dental implant at the best price.

Teeth In a Day

Best Implant Specialist / implantologist in Gurgaon

Who is eligible for teeth in a day procedure?

As discussed earlier, if all your teeth are missing, or in unsalvageable condition then this is the best treatment for your oral health. 

What are the Benefits of Tooth in a Day?

If you opt for the tooth in day treatment, you will not have to spend a single day without your teeth. This will not allow your facial shape to change and thus will retain your current facial appearance. This gives you a better experience of chewing and biting your food. Also, you are always able to speak with proper pronunciation while going through your dental treatment. Your worthy smile will not be compromised anytime during the treatment period. These are some of the major benefits of the teeth in day treatment.

Cost of teeth in a day treatment:

This treatment may be a bit costlier than other dental implant options. But the cost is totally worth it. You will have the best outcomes delivered in a shorter period of time. You will also not be feeling any pain or discomfort throughout the treatment. The results of the same are also long-lasting if you follow the care tips and maintain a diet plan. After the treatment is done, you will feel that the cost of such special dental implantation is worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions: ( FAQs)

Yes! You will not be experiencing any kind of swelling or bleeding when you are at your home.
If you have soft bones, then you might not be eligible for this dental treatment. To know about it better, you must visit our clinic for a detailed discussion. The doctors will examine your oral health and let you know about the eligibility.
No! You can get this treatment at any age. If your teeth are missing due to any reason, this might be the best dental implantation treatment for your problem. People of various age groups opt for this treatment.
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