Gummy Smile Correction

Effective way of getting rid of extra gum tissue for a more balanced appearance

Beautiful smiles can often be distorted by gums that rest too high or low on the teeth. Even if patients take great care of their teeth, they can still suffer from gum tissue symmetry problems. As a result, it leaves them feeling self-conscious and reluctant to laugh or smile. Gummy Smile Laser Contouring Gurgaon is an effective way of getting rid of extra gum tissue for a more balanced appearance. It is also known as Gum Recontouring, Gum Lifting, or Gum Sculpting Treatment.

Gummy Smile Correction Before and After

What Can Cause a Gummy Smile?

There are a number of reasons as to why you may have developed a gummy smile, such as:

  • If there is an overgrowth of tissue, your smile may appear gummier because the tissue covers up too much of your teeth. Extra gum tissue can grow as a result of inflammation of because of genetics.
  • Enlarged gums, also known as gingival hyperplasia.
  • A hyperactive lip muscle can raise the lip up too far, which exposes the gums.
  • If the upper jaw bulges out, as is the case with vertical maxillary excess, gums can appear more prominent.

What Happens During a Laser Gum Reshaping Treatment?

A laser gum reshaping treatment aims to contour and reshape the gums to make them look neater and smaller in proportion to the teeth. It’s a simple procedure that can usually be completed in one visit at our Dental Clinic in Gurgaon, India.

The dentist will use a laser to sculpt the gums, removing excess tissue as they go. The laser can seal the blood vessels automatically, which helps to reduce swelling and bleeding after.

The process is virtually pain-free, with most of the discomfort being felt after the treatment itself. You can take over-the-counter painkillers to help with this.

Lip Repositioning

As part of your gummy smile treatment, we can also inject the lips to reposition them. This can relax the top lip, allowing it to drop and cover more of the gum tissue, making your smile appear more natural and less gummy.

As each case is individual, there are a number of techniques or combination of methods available to suit each patient, allowing you to get the most out of the treatment.

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Gummy Smile Correction in Gurgaon

If you have a gummy smile, you might be unhappy with the way your smile looks. What is a gummy smile? How to fix a gummy smile? These might be some of the questions you are looking for answers to if you suffer from this situation.

A gummy smile (also known as excessive gingival display) is a smile that shows a lot of gum tissue in proportion to the teeth. In general, a more proportionate smile is as one where the upper lip is just above the upper teeth (between 0 to 2 mm above). This doesn’t mean any other smile is by default less attractive, but the eye can perceive it as less symmetrical or disproportionate. People who have gummy smiles might experience discomfort from them. However, it is a common problem for many people and it should not be a cause for shame or concern. If you do have a gummy smile and want to change the way your smile looks, there are several options. You can choose from several both surgical and non-surgical methods. Keep on reading to find out how to fix a gummy smile.

What causes a gummy smile?

There can be several reasons why you have a gummy smile. These can include a jaw development problem, abnormal tooth eruptions, improper bite, hyperactive upper lip, muscular issues, etc. You will need to identify the reason for your gummy smile in order to fix it. Because you will first need to fix the underlying issue. Here are some quick definitions of the reasons for having a gummy smile:

  • Jaw development problems: While your jawbone was developing, it might have formed a protrusion in your upper jaw. This would cause a gummy look when you smile.
  • Abnormal teeth eruption: The teeth might appear shorter if they erupt in your gums in an abnormal way. This means that the gum tissue covers a larger proportion of the teeth. This does not mean that your teeth are necessarily short, but they merely appear shorter because of the gum tissue that covers them.
  • Hyperactive upper lip: Hyperactive upper lip defines the condition when your upper lips move higher than the normal amount. This will expose the gum tissue more when you smile compared to a normal lip.
  • Excessive gum tissue: Excessive gum tissue covering the teeth is a very common cause of a gummy smile.
  • Gingival hyperplasia: Gingival hyperplasia happens when the gums get inflamed because of bacteria, medication, or underlying systemic conditions such as leukemia, HIV or diabetes. Gingival hyperplasia is on set and the underlying issues should be addressed before you can treat the gummy smile.
gummy smile correction in gurgaon before after

How to choose a treatment to correct a gummy smile?

Treatment Surgical/Nonsurgical Permanent/Temporary Healing period Underlying issue Invasiveness
Orthodontic treatment (Braces, Invisalign etc.) Nonsurgical Permanent 5 days Misalignment, Jaw development problems Non-invasive
Veneers & Crowns Nonsurgical Permanent 2 weeks – few days Small teeth Minimally & moderatelyinvasive
Root planning & scaling Nonsurgical Temporary Several days Gum line below its proper place Non-invasive
Botox Nonsurgical Temporary 2-3 days Hyperactive upper lip Non-invasive
Hyaluronic Acid Infiltration Nonsurgical Several days Hyperactive upper lip Non-invasive
Gingivectomy Surgical Permanent 1-2 weeks Excess gum tissue Minimal to moderately invasive
Crown lengthening surgery Surgical Permanent 3 months Excess gum tissue, underdeveloped teeth Minimal to moderately invasive
Laser gum contouring Surgical Permanent 7-10 days Excess gum tissue Minimally invasive
Lip repositioning surgery Surgical Permanent 2 weeks Short/hyperactive lip, improper gum line Moderately invasive
Maxillofacial surgery Surgical Permanent 6-12 weeks Tall upper jaw Relatively Invasive

What causes a gummy smile?

You might need more than one type of treatment to fix your gummy smile. As we mentioned above, Some general dentists may be able to treat your condition, but not all do. Your dentist may refer you to a specialist, like a periodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, or a gummy smile national expert like myself, Dr.Prateek Gupta ( periodontal surgeon) at Ministry of Smile Gurgaon.

For the most accurate estimate of your specific condition, consult with an accredited, professional dentist that has experience in fixing gummy smiles.

Book an appointment with us for the consultation. Don’t ignore your dental problems, we are there to help you!

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