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Same day dental Implants for missing teeth Gurgaon

Same day dental Implants for missing teeth Gurgaon

Do you have a diseased tooth causing immense pain? Or maybe you’ve recently lost a tooth, and are now left with a less-than-perfect smile. Are you wondering what you can do to restore your pearly whites?

Lucky for you, same-day dental implants have become quite popular in the orthodontic world. The traditional implant process can take months. However, with same-day implants, you could see your smile restored in record time.

Patients who lose one or more teeth will want to replace them quickly and efficiently. Dental Implants often provide a suitable solution. Many dentists offer same-day dental implants using advanced techniques to place and, almost immediately, load the implants. This procedure relies on the implants being placed so that they cannot move throughout the healing process. Although the implants are loaded with new restorations soon after surgery, they must still integrate with the bone; even the slightest movement could interfere with this process.

With same-day, implant supported bridges, the implants are effectively locked in place by the bridge, ensuring no movement. When this technique is used to restore a single tooth, the implant supported crown, is fabricated so that it cannot come into contact with the opposing dentition. Sometimes small-diameter implants or SDIs are used for same-day treatments. Small-diameter implants are commonly used for implant-supported dentures using flap-less surgery techniques.


How Do Same-Day Dental Implants Work?

Same-day implants can usually be done in a single procedure, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the number of implanted teeth. However, it is important to note that you won’t actually leave the office with your permanent teeth. But, you will leave with a full smile.

How does that work?

Same-day dental implants in Gurgaon still require time for your gums and jaw to heal. This means crowns cannot be implanted until the mouth has fully healed.

You’ll receive temporary teeth on the day of your procedure. Once the mouth has fully healed, you’ll be having permanent teeth to easily replace the temporary ones. This means a full-smile on day one, and a permanent smile just a few months later.

As we mentioned earlier, there are actually 3 separate appointments you’ll need to attend. The pre-procedure consultation, the actual surgery, and a post-procedure follow-up. We design each of these to ensure you receive the utmost care and leave the office with a shining, healthy mouth.

Single-Tooth Dental Implant

Just as it sounds, this is the implantation of a single false-tooth, also known as a crown. In order to be implanted, you must first have a small titanium device implanted into the gum. This will act as an artificial “root” to secure the tooth.

The crown is typically made of ceramic or porcelain. The Prosthodontist will take special care to ensure the crown matches the rest of the teeth. This way no one will be able to tell the difference between the false tooth and any others in the mouth.

Full-Arch Dental Implants

The jaw falls into several sections called “arches.” If all or most of the teeth in a single arch need to be replaced, you’ll receive a full-arch dental implant.


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