My Teeth Need a lot of Work – Where Do I Start?

My Teeth Need a lot of Work – Where Do I Start?
My Teeth Need a lot of Work

Living with teeth that need a lot of work can be physically uncomfortable and cause you to feel self-conscious. There are a number of scenarios that can lead people to this place. Some people avoid the dentist out of fear or anxiety. Others avoid getting dental work completed because of finances. Some people are more prone to having oral problems because of genetics, disease, environment, or medication. No matter what brought you to this place of needing a lot of dental work, it is going to continue to worsen until you take steps to stop the progression. It can be overwhelming to think about the process of getting your teeth fixed, but getting started is not complicated.

Start with your daily oral hygiene routine

Your oral hygiene is something that you can work on every single day. If your teeth need a lot of work you can improve your routine immediately and potentially slow down the progression of some of your issues. For example, gingivitis often responds to improvements in oral hygiene. You may be able to completely reverse this mild form of gum disease by flossing more often and brushing more thoroughly. Be sure and brush at least twice per day and floss at least once. The importance of consistent oral hygiene cannot be overstated no matter what condition your teeth are currently in.

Schedule a consultation with your dentist

If you have serious issues with your teeth, such as decay or damage, the only way to address those issues is with the help of your dentist. If your teeth need a lot of work, schedule a consultation with your dentist. Your dentist needs to examine the condition of your teeth and gums in order to develop a treatment plan. If you are due for a routine checkup, your dentist will examine the condition of your teeth as a part of that appointment. When you call to make the appointment be sure and let the staff member know if you are experiencing any pain because of your dental issues. If you are in serious pain you may need to get into the dentist quickly for an emergency appointment.

Go to your follow-up appointments

During the consultation, your dentist will develop a plan to address the issues you are having with your teeth. If your teeth need a lot of work it is highly likely that you will have to schedule a follow-up appointment/s to have the issues corrected. Go to those follow-up appointments! These appointments are where the real work will be done on your teeth. If you struggle with dental anxiety, talk to your dentist about IV sedation anaesthesia. With IV sedation you can have years’ worth of dental work completed in as little as one or two visits.

There is help available if your teeth need a lot of work. You can have an immediate impact on your overall oral health by improving your dental hygiene routine. And, with the help of your dentist, you can get all of your dental problems resolved over time. If you are ready to get started, schedule an appointment with our specialized team at Ministry of Smile Dental Clinic, Gurgaon.