July 28, 2020

Root Canal Treatment

When the pulp of the tooth gets infected, it can cause several types of infection. To treat this, root canal treatment is performed. The treatment is started by removing the infected pulp and then cleaning and disinfecting the canals of tooth followed by sealing of the apex of teeth. If a person gets a root canal treatment on time, then their natural tooth can be saved from infection or getting decayed.

Many people may delay the thought of getting a root canal because of the myth that the root canal is painful or make the tooth weak. It used to be painful in the past years. Now, due to advancements in technology and medical science, the entire procedure is painless. Anaesthesia will assist in making the treatment comfortable for the person.

Root Canal at Ministry Of Smile:
We use the latest instruments to perform the treatment accurately. Our team of specialized doctors will initiate the treatment by making an opening in an infected tooth. Then using these advanced instruments, the infected pulp is removed and a canal is sealed with root canal filling materials. After the completion of root canal, it is recommended that tooth should be covered and protected by crown.

This entire procedure is completed within 45 minutes or a couple of clinic visits. RCT specialist at our Dental clinic in Gurgaon are top specialists for Root canal treatment in Gurgaon.

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment:
If the infection is not very severe, then the root canal specialist at our dental clinic can perform the entire treatment in a single visit.

Laser Root Canal Treatment:
After making an opening, a high beam of the laser is used to clean the pulp in your infected tooth. This not only cleans the pulp but also kills all the bacteria that can be harmful to your tooth after completing root canal treatment. The risks of the treatment are quite reduced in this procedure. To make sure that your tooth does not get infected again, you need to maintain good oral health.

Importance of Getting a Root Canal Treatment On-Time:
It is often suggested to periodically have a dental check-up. If the pulp is getting infected, then you can know the same and get the treatment done before it harms your natural tooth. When infected tooth pulp is neglected, then it will start to infect the neighboring teeth. This will degrade your oral health. Hence, you must get the root canal treatment on time so that the infected pulp can be removed.

Root Canal Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions:

You will not be feeling any as such discomfort after the root canal treatment. However, you will be completely recovered within a week after the treatment.
One can continue their regular routine after receiving the treatment.
Yes, you will be able to eat and drink immediately after the procedure.
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